• Playback: Diary #1

    Video Diaries From the Retirement Life (With Thomas Torrey) Diary #1: Life Stories Video Shoots in St. Simon’s Island, Winston-Salem, and Greenville.

  • When Mimi Sat Down

    By Katie Huffstetler My introduction to skilled nursing was through the powder blue eyes of my grandmother.  I was still so young, barely 21, and
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  • Mayor Hazel, 88

    Mayor Hazel of Mississauga, Canada is 88 years old and has won eleven consecutive elections! And she’s not done yet!

  • Romance in Pawleys Island

    By Kelly M. Fuller Written for The Georgetown Times Ralph and Virginia Turner sort through the mail at the Lakes of Litchfield, and give each
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  • The Economics of Aging

    By Katie Huffstetler Health economists have a funny way of looking at the aging process. They define health as a good which produces a specific
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  • Seniors & Social Media

    By Adam Hochberg Written for Poynter By her own admission, Mary Dysart Quint wastes too much time on Facebook. The Pittsfield, Maine resident logs on
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