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  • Jim Henry, Writer

    Check out this great video just posted on today about Jim Henry, a 98 year old sea captain who just penned his autobiography. Jim
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  • Alan Moore, Kicker

    By Eliott C. McLaughlin, CNN Montgomery, Alabama (CNN) — Barring one photo on his desk, Alan Moore’s dorm room looks like most others. Sparsely furnished
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  • The Evolving Disease

    By Julie Steenhuysen For Reuters For many years, an autopsy done by a pathologist was considered the best way to confirm the presence of Alzheimer’s
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  • The Iron Triangle

    By Katie Huffstetler The term Iron Triangle is used by political scientists to describe the relationship among politicians who make policy, bureaucrats who enforce and
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  • The Shrinking Nursing Home

    The New York Times just published an article entitled “A Nursing Home Shrinks Until It Feels Like Home”. It’s a good article that is helping
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  • Deep South

    By Jason D. Johnson I’m from the Deep South. Deep. I’m from the southwestern corner of Georgia. A place where you wear the humidity like
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