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  • Wake Forest Cuts the Edge

    This humble blog has a parent company within our industry, a retirement community and healthcare provider called Senior Living Communities (which you knew from the
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  • The Big Man

    By Jason D. Johnson “Glory days, well they’ll pass you by Glory days, in the wink of a young girl’s eye…” – Bruce Springsteen, Glory
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  • Here, Hold My Watch

    By Jason D. Johnson Okay, let me say this up front: “No, this is not turning into a NASCAR blog.” However, I do understand how
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  • Still Dancing

    At 93, D.C. Ballet Teacher Is Still Dancing by Rebecca Sheir for NPR News TRANSCRIPT: And now, a story that proves you can do what
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  • Overmedicated

    Good article in today’s telling the story of one woman who’s dementia-suffering mother was found to be overmedicated–a common problem in today’s medical culture.
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