The Reboot (Year Three)


by Jason D. Johnson

The desks at Wrinkle Think® have gotten a little dusty as of late.  Being down a few contributors, including the man who filled your screen regularly with video blasts from all over the Southeast, made the cupboard a little bare.  As I was sitting in a seminar this week focusing on the strategies of social media, I had to chuckle when the presenter said most blogs get started and then sit dormant for months.  While not true about us, we certainly went dormant in the month of November.

I was reminded this week by industry colleagues just how much Wrinkle Think® means to people.  For some, it is just the name.  People love that name.  For others, it is the intent of the blog that endears.  And then for others, it is the whole package.  I had someone introduce themselves to me this week by saying, “Hey!  You’re the Wrinkle Think guy!”

But Wrinkle Think® is certainly not just me.  It isn’t just the contributors to the blog over the last two years.  It is the exploration of healthy aging…of aging stereotypes…of legacy enhancing…of the celebration of lives lived long and lived well.

Wrinkle Think® has a far broader reach than I know.  And this platform will remain part of the discussion of active, healthy, legacy-preserving aging now on our second anniversary and in the future, as it did on that first week of launch in 2010.

For those of you who have followed the journey, thank you.  For those of you coming to the party in 2013, we look forward to informing, entertaining, and impacting your eyes and minds for the greater good in the months to come.



Image courtesy of Salvatore Vuono.


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